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In this world full of glamour and glitter, legitimacy always get camouflaged. an online news portal founded in year 2017 aims to wise up the readers with nuts and bolts about each nook and corner of UP. Being rooted to the city of Nawabs Lucknow we work as front page news of Capital. Along with UP, news and stories from neighbouring states are too framed in the most appealing format. And this tends to be the key ingredient that we are consistently progressing to the top bar.

‘Satyodaya’ i.e ‘The Rise of Truth’ is bound to serve the ground reports to its viewers and readers. Abiding the rules and laws of journalism we try our best in a way that our portal should not get carried away from the truth and is able to maintain transparency.

We as association believe in creativity and innovation, so that the chance of exploration doubles for folks on both the sides. Our highly efficient newspersons are wide awake to get chapter and verse of every thick and thin happening around. Satyodaya is eveready with its questionnaries to put wringer on heads to draw out the truth.

With a bucket full of options we as a portal cover a wide portion in politics, sports, entertainment,fashion and have some special categories named as-

‘नखलऊ-खास’- This section of our is platter that contain various colours and cultures of Lucknow. ‘Lucknow’ the name hold history in itself and we aim to celebrate the beautiful heritage of city with our viewers and readers.

‘अर्थात-यर्थात’- This section comprises of some well thought of and obseravtive articles by the ‘Sattire King’ and our Editor Mr.Anoop Mani Tripathi.

‘सत्योदय-विशेष’- This category is the real ballgame. All the stories covered under the title ‘सत्योदय-विशेष’ is result of some hardcore investigation, analysation and headfulness.

‘किस्सा-कहानी’- This section enclose some beautiful and magnificient stories pen- down by Sub-Editor and Yuva lekhak awardee Dheeraj Jha.

‘वीमेन-डायरी’- Women shares equal proportion in the world. And here through this section we wish to share the good and bad that every Girl or a Women swallowed in her life-span.

In the era of digitalisation, we as pencil pusher serve the most authenticated and verisimilitude form of news and information. We as the fourth pillar democracy withstand with our mission to serve the truth no matter what hardships comes in our way. Being the mirror of society we believe in direct interaction with our viewers and readers. Hence, anybody with any sort of thought and feedback can contact us through our email-id


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